K’ómoks First Nation Elderplex

The K’ómoks Elderplex was built as a subsidized housing project, to offer affordable, safe, comfortable, and accessible living for our Nation’s Elders. Built in 2023 by Candor Developments, member-run by Clayton Frank, the complex provides six homes to offer affordable, safe, comfortable and accessible living for our Nation’s Elders.



3123 and 3125 Tatpoos Road
Comox, B.C.
V9M 4G7


  • Four 1-bedroom units (635 sq ft)
  • Two 2-bedroom units (780 sq ft)


Monthly rent includes cable, internet, Hydro, grounds maintenance and rental content insurance.

  • 1-bedroom unit: $575/month
  • 2-bedroom unit: $750/month

Elderplex Resources

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact housing@komoks.ca.

Who should apply?

You may be eligible for housing in the K’ómoks Elderplex if you:

  • Are a K’ómoks First Nation Member
  • Are 55+
  • Earn less than $60k/year (single applicant) or less than $80k/year (joint applicants)
  • Own less than $250,000 in assets
  • Commit to divest any property
  • Are in compliance with KFN laws

In cases where there may be more applicants than vacant units available, the Housing Department would use the following considerations to prioritize housing a K’ómoks Elder who shows increased housing need:

  • Health: Trauma & Mental Health, and Accessibility & Physical Health
  • Finances: Annual income less than $25,000, and 30% + of net income to current rent
  • Current Living Conditions: Health & Safety, and Unstable Housing
  • Age: 65+ and 80+

Questions? Please contact housing@komoks.ca or call the Housing Department at 250 339 4545.

You may click on the links below to access Elderplex applications online, or you can pick one up at the Admin Office. If you need one mailed to you, please contact housing@komoks.ca.

Elderplex Tenant Application

Any KFN Elder who meets the eligibility requirements of the K’ómoks Elderplex. This is for the primary applicant.
You can either print the linked PDF and submit a completed paper copy, or you can use the fillable PDF function. The fillable PDF function allows you to type your information directly into the document. Save the document to your computer first, and save frequently while completing the form. Then you can email it directly without printing it out.

Elderplex Joint Tenant Application

If two KFN Elders are planning to live together in a unit, the second Elder can use this Joint Tenant application form (the first Elder must fill in the Tenant Application).

Elderplex Authorized Occupant Application

If a KFN Elder applicant would like to live with a non-member, they must fill this application in together (in addition to the KFN Elder filling in the Tenant Application).

K’ómoks Elderplex Housing Policies and Procedures

The goal and objectives of the policy are to ensure that the homes offer affordable, safe, comfortable and accessible living for our Nation’s Elders. This document outlines the policies and procedures that will govern the K’ómoks Elderplex, including the eligibility criteria, the application process, the tenancy agreements, and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the Council, Housing Department, and the Tenants who reside in the K’ómoks Elderplex. This policy is designed to balance and protect the interests of the Elder Tenants who live in the homes, future generations of Elder Tenants, and the K’όmoks First Nation who owns the complex.

Elderplex Complex Rules

Residents of the Elderplex will be asked to follow these rules, which help ensure all tenants can share equitably in a comfortable, safe, and courteous community.