January 13, 2023
Comox Valley, BC

K’ómoks First Nation welcomes brand new Chief and Council effective January 8, 2023

Four new councillors were elected on Saturday Jan 7, 2023 to K’ómoks First Nation (KFN) to form Chief and Council for the upcoming two-year term. Effective January 8, the new Chief and Council consists of:

  • Chief Councillor: Ken Price with 71 votes
  • Councillor: Coral Mackay with 93 votes
  • Councillor: Susan Savoie with 74 votes
  • Councillor: Candace Newman with 72 votes

“I am humbled and honoured to have been elected to the position of Chief Councillor for K’ómoks First Nation,” said Ken Price, who served a previous term as KFN councillor from 2013 to 2015. “My vision for my role as Chief Councillor is to work diligently with my council, our Administration, staff, members, consultants, and our partners to bring as many opportunities for success to K’ómoks as possible. As a KFN member, I am encouraged by the inclusivity of our community to everyone.” Price brings his extensive experience in the forest sector to the table, along with strong leadership, strategic planning, and analytical skills.

Councillors Mackay, Savoie and Newman have all been elected to their first term as councillors. They are all experienced KFN staff members and active in the local community.

This election saw a relatively strong voter turn-out, with 53% of eligible members voting for their new representatives. In October’s municipal elections, most of B.C. saw below a 30% voter turn-out.

“Staff are eager to work with the new Chief and Council and build upon the great work of previous council,” said Jenny Millar, Band Administrator. “We have seen a lot of growth in the community and want to keep the positive momentum going. We are also excited to see the new ideas and direction that this new council will bring.”

A closed community event for KFN members will be held to thank outgoing council and welcome the new leadership.


New K’ómoks First Nation Chief and Council from left to right: Councillor Coral Mackay, Councillor Susan Savoie, Chief Councillor Ken Price, and Councillor Candace Newman.

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Ken Price
Chief Councillor

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Band Administrator