Puntledge RV Campground

Reports To: Maintenance personal report to General Manager and if not available, to the Executive Assistant

Job Description:

  • Must be physically fit and able to lift to 30 pounds
  • Must be fit to cut and deliver firewood
  • Paint and stain inside and outside of building when necessary
  • Clean outside of windows as required
  • Inform the Manager if garbage bins have not been picked up
  • Remove garbage to central disposal bin and ensure that customers are not putting in toxic, paint, or non-household items
  • Operate lawn mower, weed eater and weed gardens, trim bushes on a continuous basis
  • Landscape, rake site and clean fire pits for preparation for new guests
  • Ensure pathways are free of garbage, emptying waste and recycling bins
  • Water shrubs when necessary
  • Perform emergency repairs and problem solving on the spot, as necessary
  • Communicate regularly with General Manager and Administrative Team Lead regarding the Campground of any issues or concerns
  • Snow removal and sanding as required and keep stairs and sidewalks clear of snow
  • Get garbage and bottle recycling ready for drop off to depot
  • May have to work night shift during winter to keep sidewalk clear of snow around the laundry room and bathrooms

Skills Required:

  • Friendly and outgoing personality and can maintain effective working and guest relations
  • Basic knowledge of electricity, plumbing and general equipment & maintenance
  • Ensure equipment and facilities are maintained and are in good repair
  • Ability to walk 5kms per day and to conduct regular rounds of the resort and to do physical jobs
  • Able & willing to work in all weather
  • Able & willing to work flexible shifts including late nights and weekends
  • Able & willing to trouble shoot, problem solve and be committed to the development of the Campground
  • Desire to help create and maintain a culture of safety and fun for all guests and employees
  • Ability to promote a positive work environment and successful business
  • Able & willing to learn booking programs and set-up & maintain telephones and other office administration (if or when required)
  • Ability to remain calm, friendly and to really enjoy the nature of the job
  • Ensure you understand rules, regulations, and policies
  • All safety equipment such as steel toe footwear, ear and protective glasses are worn
  • Safety procedures are followed and you are proficient in the use of its safety equipment
  • Participate in the development of safe site and employee work conditions, and make sure procedures are followed
  • Other duties as required by the Administrative Team-Lead or General Manager

If unable to report to work, staff must call in 1 hour before start time.

Wage: $25 per hour

Deadline: January 15, 2024

Please send your resume to: jen.knox@kfnedc.ca 

To apply for this job please visit kfnedc.ca .