Resource Management

Will K’ómoks be able to make environmental laws?


Yes, K’ómoks will be able to make laws that apply on K’ómoks lands for: Environmental Assessment for K’ómoks projects Environmental Management to protect, preserve and conserve the environment in areas like pollution, waste management, air, and water quality Zoning and Land Use designations to protect the environment and direct development to appropriate lands/waters while protecting those values of significance to K’ómoks

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Are we going to require storage facilities for water?


Not for our own use, nor for water from the Puntledge or in in the foreseeable future, once there is a mechanism to deliver water to the South Lands from Comox Lake. But for the other rivers and other TSL parcels, if any of our future developments need that water, we will need storage facilities for times of “low-flow,” which occur usually from July to October. This is costly but deals or partnerships with other players in the Valley can reduce our costs. Adding to our water supply from groundwater would allow for reduced water purification costs and help keep the [...]

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Do we not have a right to access fresh water right now?


Right now, K’ómoks has a small allocation of water from the Puntledge River to the Puntledge Reserve #2, but this is not enough to ‘service’ any significant development. K’ómoks has come to agreement with the City of Courtenay and the Regional District to provide adequate water to develop Puntledge IR#2. In Treaty Negotiations K’ómoks has negotiated treaty protected water reservations: Puntledge River – 1,408 cubic decametres; Trent River 3,362 cubic decametres; Oyster River 3,807 cubic decametres; Hart Creek (Washer Ck.) 1,668 cubic decametres - totalling 10, 245 cubic decameters (10. 245 billion litres) annually. Additionally, KFN has access to an additional [...]

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What kinds of laws can we make about forestry?


K’ómoks may make laws about all K’ómoks forest resources and forest practices except for laws applying to ‘scaling’ and ‘timber marking’ of timber moving off K’ómoks TSL. The K’ómoks owns all Forest Resources on K’ómoks lands. Except for the areas of wildfire and forest health, K’ómoks forest law prevails over B.C. law. K’ómoks will be protecting from the potential financial impacts of forest wildfires by a Wildfire Suppression Agreement with Canada and B.C. If there is a fire on TSL, B.C. will put it out as if it were on Provincial Crown Land and costs will be covered as per the [...]

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