First of all, it is not K’ómoks land right now. It belongs to Canada and we are allowed to use it, as set out in the Indian Act. After treaty, we will own the land. Most of the Lands will not be taxable, as they will remain with the K’ómoks First Nation. Those lands that become owned by individuals will be taxed because they will own them.

So, with treaty, two things will change the taxability of K’ómoks members:

  • There would no longer be “Indian Reserves”. The land becomes Treaty Settlement Land (TSL), which we own.
  • The Taxation chapter says that Section 87 (the section about tax exemption) of the Indian Act will not apply to a K’ómoks member.

Therefore, once the treaty phase-in period is over, K’ómoks members will be subject to tax regardless of where they live. For the most part, the taxes paid by members will be collected by or transferred to the K’ómoks government.