The Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a living document that needs to be updated from time to time. It is likely that we will go through a formal update and renewal process based on community consultations, every five years. Ideally, the CCP is both strong and flexible. It sets out a course for the community but can also be adapted to new opportunities and situations. In addition, the Plan:

  • Helps the community decide on a preferred future
  • Provides a foundation for all policies and regulations on land use and development
  • Guides economic, environmental, development, and social decision-making
  • Helps to make good use of resources by focusing on what is important to the community
  • Reinforces community values 
  • Sets priorities for people, finances, and land uses
  • Builds expertise within the community 
  • Prevents conflict among competing priorities
  • Helps the community pursue new economic development opportunities and attract investment

Ultimately the responsibility rests with the elected government to ensure a process is in place to use the K’ómoks Comprehensive Community Plan and the K’ómoks Community Action Plan to help guide and inform the Periodic Renewal.