Under the old treaty model, the K’omoks First Nation would collect the sales tax, property tax and other tax revenues, so there would no net loss, but members would pay taxes to the Nation.

We are currently in negotiations with a group First Nations in Stage 5 of the BC Treaty Process and the Department of Finance to maintain the existing tax exemption.  The group has developed a “principled approach”:

  • All individuals keep their personal tax exemption
  • Modern Treaty status Indians should not be treated differently
  • Because Treaty Settlement Lands will no longer be “Indian Reserves”, the
  • exemption will no longer apply on TSL, subject to a 50-year phase out period
  • But the status Indian members of Modern Treaty Nations can use their exemption on other Indian reserves.
  • Nation to collect GST, PST, Property tax, Income tax etc. from those who are taxable

Our position has not been accepted and Canada has stated they are not in favour of the proposal. However, it will likely be a longer phase out period than the original 8-12 year phase out time.

With respect to other matters, as you will continue to be a status Indian, you will be eligible for the same types of programmes and services that other status Indians are entitled to. This includes uninsured health benefits, education benefits and housing benefits currently offered to status Indians from the Department.