For the most part, the Treaty will create opportunities for members, but it is not a social program. At the same time, the Treaty will have several sources of revenue. There will be numerous economic opportunities created through the ownership of K’ómoks Lands and well as through the new forest tenures. There will be the income from the Capital Transfer, tax revenues (property tax, income tax and sales tax from Members and non-members), and from Revenue Sharing which is still being negotiated. These revenues will flow to the K’ómoks First Nation. There may also be money from Impact Benefit Agreements with major developers and governments in our Territory who impact our rights or interests or who wish to partner with us.

The opportunities listed above will allow K’ómoks to offer enhanced and more flexible programs and services. This could include additional funding for: education, training, and capacity building; new community gathering spaces & community facilities; enhanced neighborhoods (parks, green space, side-walks, speed bumps etc.), additional food security through additional food distribution; health and wellness initiatives; additional incentives for youth, elders, and members etc.