The Goose Spit is broken up into four different parcels. The first is the stretch of road, which is governed by Area B of the CVRD. The second is the HMCS Quadra Cadet Base. The third piece is our Indian Reserve #3, and the fourth is what we have been calling the “tip” of the spit, which was offered and accepted by KFN as part of the Agreement in Principle.

There is currently no lease with DND for the use of our reserve lands. The “tip” of the Spit comes to KFN with conditions, one of them being that KFN negotiate a lease agreement with DND to use that area for specific purposes when needed. KFN is negotiating this now. The HMCS Quadra Cadet Base is legally owned by BC and is being used by DND under an Order in Council with Canada. The Treaty, if approved, will include the transfer of the full Goose Spit to the KFN, including HMCS Quadra, which includes the cadet camp.