It is always a matter of opinion as to whether or not a nation is ready for a treaty and how fast it should move forward. I think the real question is whether K’ómoks wishes to continue with its small land base under the Indian Act where the Minister is in control of every aspect of K’ómoks activities, or whether K’ómoks wants to move forward as a self-governing nation. On this question, every eligible member will have an opportunity to express their opinion by way of a ratification vote.

Both the band administration and the treaty team have strategic plans. These were presented at the last annual People’s Assembly. As the treaty team’s strategic plan is about the negotiating priorities and strategy for the 2019/2020 fiscal year, its details are not public.

The KFN does have policies and procedures and it also has its own laws. As you know, K’ómoks has a Financial Management Act, with conflict of interest rules, and a Land Code. It also has Human Resource policies and procedures.

If those are not being followed, a K’ómoks treaty will include a mechanism to ensure that the K’ómoks government is held accountable for its actions.